When the tenancy agreement ends you must return your keys either to PSOAS housing office downtown or PSOAS Lounge by 2 pm the last day of the month. The right place for returning the keys depends on whether the housing location belongs to the southern property maintenance area (returning point housing office downtown) or northern property maintenance area (Lounge). In the summertime 6.6. – 4.9. the keys have to be returned to Mannenkatu office.

If the last day of the month is holiday the keys must be returned by the following working day 12 pm. If the new tenant is not able to move in on time because of the old tenant’s delay in returning the keys, a fine of 50 € or daily rent – whichever is higher – will be charged from the out moving tenant.

If you give the keys directly to the new tenant, it is your responsibility to agree on the apartment check with the janitor. The apartment has to be cleaned and checked before you hand over the keys. You will also need to sign this form with the new tenant to document the keys given and the condition of the apartment. Please deliver the signed form to the housing office.