Here at PSOAS, we started a trial with Oulu based company CarDen Ltd. PSOAS Cars are shared communal cars that are available to residents of PSOAS and people living near areas of PSOAS. The  are used via mobile application.  

“We always want to provide services that benefit our residents. Our residents share the same stage of life and we want to find services that suites them best. PSOAS Car is one of them”, explains Jari Simonen, Service Manager of PSOAS.

CarDen is the selected partner who starts to operate PSOAS Car -servive. It is a nation wide opearing company which was founded last year. CarDen communal shared cars are also available to general public. 

“Our company has the same values as PSOAS does. Our core values are sense of community, environmental sustainability and affordability. It is not always reasonable for students to own their own car, but there is a need for car in general. Students are also accustomed to using mobile devices ”, says Aleksi Savela, Marketing and Sales Director at CarDen.

User-friendly and ecological

The PSOAS Car is used via mobile application: the car is reserved, the doors are opened and locked and the service is paid through the application. CarDen takes care of car maintenance, routine inspections, insurance, taxes, tires and even fuel. PSOAS Car has a private, marked parking space in parking lots where PSOAS Car service is available. You can join in at, or if there is yet no car in your area, CarDen will deliver one. PSOAS Car is not just a service to make everyday life easier, it is also an ecological choice.

“One car can replace 10 private cars at best. At the same time, we are renewing the fleet of cars and reducing the need for parking spaces. We are follow car markets constantly and we do are best to  ecological, affordable and functional vehicles as PSOAS Cars, ”says Savela.

We hope that the trial will becomes a permanent practice. 

“I would think that if there is any need for a car, this is a good way to do it wisely. Fixed costs are reasonable and the service is easy to access. There is pretty much no downside in using PSOAS Car, ”says PSOAS Jari Simonen.

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