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  • Can I apply for an apartment before the acceptance to a school has been confirmed?

    If you are studying at the University of Oulu, the acceptance information is transferred to PSOAS automatically so there is no need to bring the certificate. However, if you are studying at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the registration certificate must be presented at the latest when signing the housing documents.

  • Can I have an apartment with my friend/girlfriend/boyfriend?

    It is possible to apply for a shared apartment and mention the name of a friend/girlfriend/boyfriend to share the apartment with in your application. PSOAS cannot, however, guarantee that this arrangement will always materialize. As friends you can also wish to live in single rooms in a shared apartment. Please note that you can only mention one name and you both need to fill in an application form of your own. You both also need to be exchange students.

  • Do I get my deposit back, if my excursion cancels or if I don’t get permit of residence?

    According to the Finnish law on rented housing, paying the deposit is considered as accepting the offer. If your arrival is cancelled and the cancellation takes place at a point of time when finding a new tenant is impossible, the deposit will be retained to cover the unpaid rent.

  • Does a medical certificate, personal situation etc. affect the waiting list?

    Unfortunately not. All applicants have an equal opportunity to get an apartment in the order of arriving applications, which means that the person waited the longest will get an offer first.

  • How are rooms furnished and equipped?

    The exchange students living at PSOAS study either at the University of Oulu or at the Oulu University of Applies Sciences. PSOAS and the Universities have togetherdrawn up the housing service package for the exchange students.The package includes a furnishedroom withbedclothes in a shared apartment. The furniture consists of a table, a chair, a bed with mattress and a ceiling lamp. Bedclothes include a quilt and pillow with covers and a sheet.

  • How do I get an internet connection?

    There is a wifi service called Campusnet available in each PSOAS apartment designated for exchange students. The Campusnet can be accessed using the OmaPSOAS username and password.

  • How do I terminate my tenancy agreement?

    Fixed term agreements are valid until the ending date given for the lease and are not terminated.

  • How long is an application valid and how to renew it?

    Housing applications are valid for 60 days and can be renewed by contacting the PSOAS accommodation office on For exchange students, however, the process is different and applications are valid as long as an offer has been made or no vacancies are left.

  • How should I apply for an apartment?

    Applying is done online on Housingreservations are sent by email so pleasemake surethat your email address is correct!

  • I was not offered the housing option I wished for, why not?

    Although the applicant has the possibility to list housing preferences in the application form it is not always possible to offer exactly the kind of apartment wished for because of the large amount of applicants and limited amount of rooms/apartments. Should you get an offer that does not match the preferences you gave when applying will, in most cases, mean that your first choice was no longer available and this is the second best alternative for you.

  • I’m arriving outside PSOAS office hours; how will I get the keys?

    You can ask a friend, a relative or ‘kummi’ to pick up your apartment keys on your behalf if your tenancy agreement has already started. The person picking up your keys has to have a proxy from you by e-mail toasuntotoimisto@nullpsoas.fithat authorizes him/her to pick up the keys.

  • Is it possible to change the room/apartment?

    Apartments are changed during the exchange only for medical reasons.

  • When do I have to pay my rent?

    The due date for paying the rent is always the 5th of each month and it cannot be postponed – even if you arrive to Finland later. For late payments a collection fee of 5 euros and penalty interest are charged. Remember to use the correct reference number when paying the rent.

  • When do I have to send my housing confirmation to PSOAS?

    The deadline is mentioned in the housing offer which you will receive by email. Please, remember that in order to confirm the offer you must pay the deposit by the deadline mentioned in the offer or it will become invalid and the room will be offered to the next applicant in the queue. If you need more time for paying the deposit please contact PSOAS

  • When will I know whether I will get housing through PSOAS or not?

    The autumn is the busiest season in student housing and there are usually more exchange students than PSOAS have furnished rooms foor. By the end of June all offers have been made and those who could not be accommodated have been informed about the situation. To look for an alternative housing solution, please turn to your university.

    During the spring term the accommodation availability is usually good and PSOAS can accommodate most exchange students, usually all who apply.

  • Will I get another housing offer if I decide not to accept the first one?

    Unfortunately PSOAS does not have enough resources to send several housing offers during the peak seasons when exchange students arrive. If you decide to decline the offer, you will have to make the housing arrangements by yourself. Please inform PSOAS immediately if you wish to turn down the offer you have received so that the apartment can be offered to the next applicant.

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