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Osoite Tutkijantie 2
Apartment size 20m2
Apartment features
Property features
Rent 341,2€ / month
Number of apartments 1



Tutkijantie 2 D 19b
Floor: 2


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Oulu UAS exchange students:

  • Ylioppilaantie 4 is situated in the Välkkylä area, which is close to the city center.

University of Oulu exchange students:

  • Yliopistokatu 16 and 18 are located right next to the University of Oulu (Linnanmaa campus).
  • Tirolintie 2, also known as Pohjankaleva, is close to the city center about 3km from the University of Oulu (Linnanmaa Campus).
  • Tellervontie 2 is located in the Kaijonharju area within a walking distance from the University of Oulu (Linnanmaa Campus).
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